Hardbro GB13, Hardbro GB14, International (3067094R1) & Vapormatic (V1000 HD)

Noisy Gear Boxes. The crown wheel and pinion are near the top of tolerance range of hardness and may cause noisy gearbox. With noisy gearboxes there is a 99.9% certainty that nothing is wrong. Inspection of crown wheel, pinion and gear mesh can be made by removing gearbox cover, 5 thou to 10 thou back lash should be acceptable.

Gearbox Pulley & Input Shaft Damage. The necessity to introduce PTO revs slowly and gently, when first starting the machine rotors and also winding down PTO revs slowly to a stop or damage may occur. Some tractors, usually with hydraulic PTO’S not properly adjusted, will jerk into gear. If this continually happens damage may occur.

Gearbox Oils to suit Hardbro GB13, Hardbro GB14, International (3607094R1) & Vapormatic (V1000 HD)
Mobilube S 80W-90, Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 or Mobilube 85W-140. Valvoline HP Gear Oil 80W-90 or Valvoline HP Gear Oil 85W-90. Castrol EPX85W-140

Gearbox Oil can operate safely at 71-76 degrees Celsius (160-170 degrees Fahrenheit)