Mounting instructions for bearings

Shown below are the mounting instructions for the two different bearings used on the Loxton slasher 1 1/2″ rotor shafts. The red machines (models 3, 4, 5, 6 & 6-5-S.) with 1 1/2″ shafts were fitted with eccentric lock bearings top and bottom and the green (model 6 ) machines are fitted with an eccentric lock bearing on the bottom and a taper lock bearing on the top of the rotor shaft.



Bearing Manufacturers claim this type of bearing is greased for life and advise the MAIN DANGER is over-greasing. One small shot with grease gun 18 monthly should be sufficient.

Mounting instructions for Adapter sleeve 1 1/2″ bearing

Top bearing on rotor barrels – Model 6, Green machine
1. Place sleeve in position on shaft prior to mounting bearing.
2. The bearing complete with housing is then fitted to sleeve then locknut and lockwasher assembled to complete the connection.
3. Initial seating can be achieved by manually tightening the locknut. A further 2/5 revolution is necessary using a “C” spanner or punch.
Do not overtighten
When the nut is tightened excessively the radial clearance of the bearing will be reduced resulting in premature failure.
4. A lockwasher tab is then bent into which ever locknut serration aligns.

Mounting instructions for Eccentric lock collar bearing

Bottom bearing on rotor barrels – Model 6, Green machine and top and bottom bearings on Red model machines (Fitted with 1 1/2″ rotor shafts). Also fitted onto PTO keyed shafts.
Locate the bearing in the correct position on the shaft. Fit the locking collar over the off-centre shoulder on the inner race of the bearing. Rotate the collar around the shaft to lock bearing into position. (For positive engagement use a locking spanner or punch in the hole provided and then tighten the grub screw last).