Heavy duty gearbox drawing

Heavy duty Gearbox layout Hardbro GB14 or GB13

Model 4 & 5 Red machines, Model 6-5-S Red-Green machines, Model 6 Loxton Green machines, Model 7 Green Machines.

Also suits

  • Gason Mower Master
  • Midnorth Machinery Field Master
  • Newbold Cutter
  • Leith Rotary Mower

Gearbox is available as 540 or 1000 rpm (2 ratios). When ordering parts numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6, please specify whether gearbox is 540 rpm (2.54:1 ratio), 1000 rpm (2:1 ratio) or 1000 rpm (1.53:1 ratio).

Gearbox lubrication

Use Mobilube H.D. 85W 140
In operation over a long period the gearbox can heat up. However both gearbox and oil can operate safely at 71-76 degrees Celsius (160-170 degrees F).
The top bearing of the gearbox should be greased annually. The nipple is positioned to the back or the front of the gearbox and is accessed through the holes in top of the gearbox pulley.

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Heavy duty Gearbox layout - Model 4 and 5 Red machines and Model 6 Green machines